4 Ways to Discover New Music

If you’re on the search for some great new music, there are a lot of ways to find it. Music is literally always around us in one or another. Here we talk about just four common ways to discover new music: review sites, asking around, social media, and the radio.

1: Review Websites

Music review websites are a wonderful way to see what music everyone else is currently into. These sites can be found through a google search, and each may have an individual ranking system. Typically, however, users are given the ability to rate on a set scale (like stars or one to ten, for example), as well as leave detailed descriptions of what they thought.

Music review websites

2: Friends, Family, & Coworkers

Asking the people you know what they’re listening to these days is also a great way to discover new music. Everyone has their unique tastes, so you are given the opportunity to discover a broad variety of music genres, including many that may not be mainstream.

3: Social Media

Social media abounds with people sharing what they enjoy, and many times this includes music videos. Take a few moments to listen to the songs being shared, and you may discover something you enjoy. Once you find an artist you like, you can search their other music to see if you enjoy this as well.

4: Radio

Radio stations are typically set up so that each one represents a different genre of music. To discover new music, try flipping through the channels instead of listening to your favorite station on your way to work. You may find you enjoy reggae just as much as you love rhythm and blues or classic rock just as much as adult alternative. You just never know until you try.